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Considering the consistency and reliability of our customer service, we achieve to meet needs of any demanding situation regarding shoe machines and materials for footwear.

  • Leather Synthetic and Fabrics Cutting

    The machines developed by Comelz meet the needs connected with the processing of materials in leather, synthetics or fabrics.

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  • Footwear Upper Manufacturing

    Computerized skiving machines Comelz offers computerized skiving machines and other equipment for the shoe preparation and upper manufacturing department.

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  • Software

    CAD/CAM design solutions, nesting software, and vision systems. Machine learning and AI applications are embedded in Comelz’s most recent products.

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  • Apparels

    Solutions for the processing of different types of fabrics used in the clothing sector.

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Authentic innovation!

Comelz products have been produced with constant innovative thrust


Technologically advanced and innovative cutting machines.

Comelz CZ Series

Authentic Innovation

In 2002, following an in-depth research and development process, the firm began marketing the CM44, the first high production cutting island with double head and conveyor belt, for total parallelism of the 3 operations of nesting, cutting and piece removal.

Comelz CJ-1/CJ-3

The most innovative fixed table CNC cutting machine on the market.

CJ machines can be equipped with regular LCD projectors or with laser projectors (op­tional). In both case the projectors are pla­ced on the back of the suspended bridge and therefore the operator body does not interfere with the projection. The projection angle maximizes the light intensity of the projection

Comelz CZ Plus

The CZ Plus series is the expression of Comelz goal to create flexible, versatile though high performing, technologically advanced and truly innovative cutting machines.

The CZ Plus series has been designed to improve production process of Shoe, Leather Goods, Automo­tive, Apparel and Furniture businesses. The CZ Plus series can be configured for single ply synthetic/textile cutting, multi-ply synthetic/textile cutting (multi-ply spread or multi-roll), leather cutting, vision assisted cutting/final trimming


We always keep in mind the business contexts and the people who will use them



With a work width of 1600 mm, it offers high flexibility in compact dimensions. It can process entire small and medium hides in one step or up to large half hides in a longitudinal way in multiple steps.



With a work width of 2000 mm, it can process entire hides or half hides of calves enabling complete positioning even in one step. This characteristic and the full view of the tilted work area, facilitates and speeds up the work of the nesting operator with a consequent increase in production.



With a work width of 2400 mm, it eliminates all limitations related to hide dimensions by processing on a large tilted work area even entire hides or half hides of adult cows. This model is the most complete solution to meet the wide variety of needs of cut.